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How To Find The Right Turnaround Consulting Firm

Turnarounds are an essential part of the equipment life cycle but they are also complex processes that elevate risk and stress around the worksite. With a turnaround comes the possibility of dangerous environments, increased chances of injuries on-site, and litigation as a result of those injuries. 

With the amount of known and unknown issues that can pop up during a turnaround, it’s important to have a skilled partner at your side. Finding the right EH&S partner can make a turnaround go more smoothly, reducing risk and increasing productivity during the complex process. But how does a company go about finding the right turnaround consulting services?

Make Sure They’ve Done This Work Before

Because turnarounds involve numerous steps and processes, it’s important to work with industrial hygiene or safety partners that know the space. Less experienced safety teams offer one big benefit and that is a typically lower cost than experienced professionals. 

However, a team that has effectively completed turnarounds before will be able to put safety first because they’ll know what to expect. Having those on-site experts will help increase the safety of your employees as SITEX team members focus on safety so you can focus on the work. 

Finding a partner that has done the work before will bring peace of mind to the contractors and workers completing the turnaround. It’s true that every turnaround is different and there are multiple circumstances that can arise on any job.

But an experienced team like the one at SITEX will be more prepared to adapt to those challenges and proactively address any safety issues as we’ve likely seen them before. Working with a team that has little-to-no turnaround experience will only increase the likelihood of a serious injury during the turnaround, and that means slowdowns and costly litigation down the road. 

How Expansive Is The Company’s Experience?

Turnaround requirements go beyond just safety services such as confined space rescue or safety staffing services. Industrial hygiene plays a large role in any turnaround when it comes to the work being done and the employees doing that work. Industrial hygiene services can include environmental site assessments, groundwater monitoring, indoor air quality surveys and management, hazardous material management, and asbestos management. 

Some of these services can be done proactively as part of the setup phase of a turnaround, while others may come up while work is being done. For example, if a hazardous condition is created during a turnaround and hazardous material needs to be managed, an industrial hygiene team will be needed. 

It’s important to note that not all companies that offer safety services for turnarounds also offer industrial hygiene services. Finding EH&S turnaround consulting services that address the full spectrum of needs on a job is important to your company’s success. We always recommend communicating and planning with industrial hygiene team members from the start so they can best understand your specific needs. 

Finding a team that understands your environment and can proactively assess and plan for potential hazards will keep turnaround work from slowing down. For example, an experienced team that can spot a potential hazardous environment or indoor air quality issue before it becomes dangerous will save a company time and money compared to needing to address it after someone has already been injured.

What About Equipment and Emergencies?

Let’s not forget about the importance of having the right equipment during a turnaround. Having the right equipment, and ensuring it’s well-maintained, can make a big difference between a safe working environment and a dangerous one. Unfortunately, that kind of equipment can be expensive to procure and time-consuming to maintain. 

Our teams always recommend safety equipment rentals when it comes to equipping your team with the latest and greatest gear. For turnarounds, that kind of equipment could include gas monitors, air monitors, tripods, winch systems, air systems, and various testing equipment. 

Each of these pieces of gear play an important role in keeping employees safe, and SITEX ensures that our gear is state-of-the-art and properly maintained. With rentals, your business can gain access to the latest solutions available for a fraction of the purchasing cost. This will help keep employees properly equipped for their work while reducing the need to maintain or repair purchased equipment. 

When it comes to keeping your team safe, the right EH&S turnaround consulting services can make a big difference. Contact us today to discuss your turnaround consulting service needs and see how SITEX can help.

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