Ensure you have the best response team to minimize threats and damages.

Expertise is critical when dealing with dangerous emergencies. 


Preparation and a culture of safety is the best way to avoid environmental emergencies. Still, they happen. When they do, you want to know that you’ve got the right team to minimize the impacts. The experts at SITEX are highly trained and experienced to appropriately deal with emergency situations like:

  • HAZMAT response management
  • Oil Spills
  • Chemical release
  • Natural disasters
  • Biological and infectious agents
  • Waste disposal


If you need immediate assistance for an environmental emergency, fill out the form to reach an expert or call (314) 517-0027.

Don’t Wait Until an Environmental Emergency Happens

Having an emergency response plan in place increases reaction time and minimizes the damage and downtime. Knowing who to turn to when disaster strikes is a logical first step. Don’t wait until an actual emergency to seek out help. Partner with SITEX so that if an emergency happens, you’ll get an expert, professional response to whatever situation you have.

By thinking proactively you can help reduce the impact of environmental emergencies on your business. Establishing a safety partner with ready response teams means you know your site will get priority attention.

Partner with SITEX to be as prepared as you can be for an emergency. Fill out the form to contact one of our experts today.

Local Emergency Response Crews May Not Be Enough

Local first responders offer assurance, but may not be fully capable of responding to certain environmental situations. Furthermore, in the case of natural disasters they may be overwhelmed with calls.

The best preparation you can provide your staff is having a safety partner that can respond with priority to your urgent needs that arise. Fill out the form to consult with one of our experts to learn how SITEX keeps your worksites as safe as possible. 

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