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Fill gaps in your safety planning, design, execution, or management with dedicated professionals and expert support.


Even when you don’t require a CSP or CIH on site, you get the guidance of the most educated and trained experts in the field because every member of our teams has the knowledge and support of the highest levels of safety experts.

If our field agents have questions, need advice, or second opinions, they can immediately connect with our CSPs and CIHs to find the safest answers and solutions. SITEX’s Total Safety Management is a flexible and proactive outsourcing framework that lets you:

  • Transfer liability to an experienced team of safety experts.
  • Mitigate risks on job sites to keep employees safe and productive.
  • Reduce costs associated with investing in trained personnel or training.
  • Increase your overall safety ROI.


Reduce Liability. Mitigate Risks. Improve Compliance. 

Outsourcing Total Safety Management is an excellent way for companies to focus on their core business while entrusting experts to handle facility and worksite safety. Bring in SITEX to handle your entire safety program, from planning and design to execution and ongoing management.

It’s common for businesses to outsource key functions like accounting or IT. It’s time for manufacturing and construction industries to look at safety the same way. That’s Total Safety Management.

The Staff You Need But Don’t Have

Full-time, dedicated safety personnel are expensive. SITEX offers you access to an extensive team of experts for any situation. Our safety staffing services include:

  • Safety Supervisors
  • Safety Coordinators
  • Safety Technicians
  • Confined Space Attendants (Fire Watch & Hole Watch)
  • Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)
  • Graduate Safety Practitioners (GSP)
  • Construction Health & Safety Technicians (CHST)
  • Tank Entry Supervisors (TES)
  • On-site Standby Rescue Personnel


Get turnkey solutions for any safety challenges you have. Just tell us what you need.

Not sure what you need? No problem. Our expert team can provide complete, customized safety solutions to save time, money, and lives. Fill out the form and let’s customize a safety solution plan for your business.

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