Identify occupational exposure risks

Understand and eliminate issues that can impact health and productivity.


Industrial hygiene is commonly used as an umbrella term to cover a wide range of concerns and actions ranging from air contaminants and biohazards to chemical risks, physical hazards such as noise or temperature, and even ergonomic hazards.

Ultimately, the key to effective industrial hygiene is assessing challenges in order to proactively respond and control them. A typical site assessment may include, but is not limited to:


With so many variables across workplaces, thorough assessment requires the Industrial Hygiene professional to exercise judgment in assessment design and approach, which is why the right Industrial Hygienist is critical to impactful site assessments.

The Expertise to See Even Hidden Risks 

In worksite assessments, an Industrial Hygienist will measure exposure levels, analyze risks, sample air and work surfaces, and perform any other specific tests for that location. An ideal analysis, like those conducted by SITEX,  includes testing or observing all activities being conducted on-site in order to create a proper mitigation plan.

Having an in-depth analysis and complete industrial hygiene plan is key to creating a productive and safe working environment. Fill out the form to arrange a comprehensive site assessment of your workplace to keep employees healthy.

Asbestos Inspection: An Old Enemy that Can Create New Problems

Despite its current limited use, asbestos still remains in older facilities and could harm employees, workers, and the general public. Asbestos-containing materials that get disturbed can release fibers and particles into the air and have been linked to:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Reduced immune system functions
  • Respiratory ailments


To avoid these conditions, companies should conduct regular asbestos inspections through a certified partner like SITEX. These inspections proactively identify asbestos, allowing it to be addressed before anyone is exposed.

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Learn more about asbestos inspection and abatement in our blog, “Reduce Employee Risk With Regular Asbestos Inspections.”

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