Oilfields and rig sites present a work environment unlike any other

Minimal standard safety practices aren’t enough for the oil and gas industry.


Common oilfield operations like cleaning and repairs present particular hazards, including confined-space and “hot work.” Knowledge of the oil and gas industry is critical to providing a safe and compliant worksite. 

Get complete safety solutions – from consultation to planning and monitoring – from a team specialized in the oil and gas industry. SITEX can provide you:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (Sales/Rental/Service)
  • Drill Rig Safety Consulting
  • Site Safety Personnel
  • H2S Contingency Plans
  • Head Gas Detection Systems
  • On-site Rescue Teams
  • Fire Watch Personnel
  • Confined Space Attendants (Hole Watch)
  • Breathing Air System (Sales/Rental/Service)
  • Job Site Permitting (Hot Work/Confined Space/Excavation)


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