From flat terrain to steep angles, rope rescues are as much about the approach as the execution.

Not all rope rescues involve steep angles and the need for rappelling. In fact, a key element to rope rescue is understanding the circumstances and knowing the best approach in order to avoid introducing new hazards to an already dangerous situation.

Why Low-Angle Doesn’t Equal Low-Risk in Rope Rescues

Even low-angle rope rescues require specific skills, and just as importantly, the ability to recognzie the safest plan of action. Rope rescues can be dynamic situations, with terrain and environment factoring into critical decisions that must be made.

Untrained Personnel Can Make a Bad Situation Worse

Some jobs are inherently dangerous, and businesses assume great responsibility when workers take on these tasks. Having the most trained and experienced personnel in key safety positions limits your liability. Furthermore, not having the most qualified safety teams in place could actually make the situation worse by putting the rescue team in danger.

Working with a safety partner like SITEX gives you a full suite of on-site and on-demand safety experts who can guarantee:

  • Experienced, certified rescue professionals trained for fast response.
  • No gap in site coverage.
  • Compliance with OSHA, state, federal, and industry regulations.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Local Emergency Teams for Rope Rescues

Many companies rely on local emergency services for assistance, but not all emergency responders are fully trained or equipped to conduct every type of rope rescue. With an experienced rescue team, you’ll know that your workers are as protected as they can be. 

Not sure if you need an on-site team? No problem. Our experts can ensure you have the right people and processes in place to stay compliant and keep your workers safe. Fill out the form and let’s customize a safety solution plan for your business

Overcome the Labor Shortage with Third-Party Safety and Rescue Outsourcing

It’s difficult to hire and retain safety specialists, especially those with the depth of knowledge necessary to execute in specialized rope rescue situations. Lacking the right expertise on a job site increases risks for workers and liability for companies.

SITEX eliminates the need for recruiting and hiring and takes on your risk liability. We invest heavily in training and advanced solutions so that you don’t have to. Simplify your life and let SITEX staff your safety needs so your teams can focus on the critical work that matters most to the bottom line.

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