Fire watch is an OSHA requirement

The threat of live flames, sparks, and fires led OSHA to mandate that fire watch personnel be on-site anywhere “hot work” is conducted. Therefore, a fire watch isn’t just good safety procedure – it’s the law. Having the right people on-site will not only keep employees safe but it will also minimize worksite risk and lower the potential for litigation down the line.

Ensure OSHA Compliance with Fire Watch Experts

The primary responsibility of a fire watch is to expedite response to an emergency. However, there’s more to a competent fire watch than being present. You need a trained professional who can:

  • Inspect all relevant areas during and between shifts, before work begins and post-shift.
  • Know the location of any firefighting equipment.
  • Maintain clear and consistent communication with all the workers around them.
  • Double-check work areas for burning embers, hot sparks, or other hazards before they leave the space. 


This creates a more effective environment when it comes to keeping team members alert and safe. 

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Full-Time or Contract Employees

Fire watch personnel often work alongside confined space professionals and other safety teams depending on the environment, and many job sites have multiple potential hazards. By working with a third-party safety partner like SITEX you can guarantee your worksites are the safest possible and meet all regulatory standards while sparing you the expense of hiring or contracting additional employees. You focus on the work, let SITEX focus on safety.

SITEX eliminates the need for EHS recruiting and hiring while reducing your risk liability. We invest heavily in training and advanced solutions so that you don’t have to. Simplify your life and let SITEX staff your safety needs so your teams can focus on the critical work that matters most to the bottom line.

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