Mitigate the uncertainty of natural disasters

Consider proactive measures to address disasters before they occur.


The impact of natural disasters is compounded when they present dangers at industrial facilities and worksites, and local emergency crews are typically overwhelmed in these types of situations.

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, ice or snowstorms, and earthquakes, can present a variety of obvious and unseen dangers, including:

  • Electrical hazards
  • Structural hazards
  • Chemical exposure
  • Contamination
  • Mold
  • Fire hazards


Waiting until after a natural disaster to contact emergency response crews could extend the time your worksite remains exposed to these types of dangers.

Establish a Safety Partner Who is Ready to Respond When Disaster Strikes

By thinking proactively you can help reduce the impact of natural disasters on your business. Establishing a safety partner with ready response teams means you know your site will get priority attention following a disaster.

SITEX can promptly dispatch crews to your affected sites to assess and address risks, helping re-establish a safe environment for your employees as quickly as possible.

Protect your workers and work sites by establishing a plan of action in the event disaster strikes. Speak with an expert at SITEX about how our disaster support and response services benefit you.

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