Monitoring for air, waste, sound, and more


A carefully considered approach to employee monitoring will detect the extent of exposure to different types of risks so that controls, remediation plans, and other methods can reduce or eliminate potential health hazards.

Effective monitoring identifies exposure to both obvious and hidden dangers, which is why your monitoring should be carried out by the highest level of trained and experienced professionals. SITEX offers expert analysis, including:

  • Sound level monitoring
  • Personnel air monitoring
  • Baseline exposure monitoring
  • Chemical exposure risk
  • Radiation exposure
  • Biowaste guidelines
  • Ventilation survey and air samples
  • Work surface analysis


Compliance Is Not Enough – Environmental Monitoring Helps

Staying compliant with OSHA, the EPA, and other regulators is just a starting point for industrial hygiene. The real ROI in industrial hygiene and employee monitoring comes from a healthy, present, and productive workforce.

Workplace absenteeism leads to decreased productivity and can negatively impact company morale – factors that can ultimately result in lost profit.

Ensure your workplace and staff are as safe as possible. Complete the form to speak with an expert from SITEX who can customize monitoring solutions that will keep your staff healthy and on the job.

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