Many confined space accidents are preventable with professional hole watchers.

Confined spaces are dangerous enough. Minimize their hazards with a proper hole watch.


Despite its casual-sounding name, a hole watch – otherwise known as a confined space attendant – can be the difference between life and death for workers in dangerous areas.

A hole watch must be vigilant to hazards such as:

  • Toxic fumes
  • Combustible gases
  • Entrapment risks
  • Changes in access to the space


A hole watcher is not a confined space rescuer, but it’s the job of the hole watch to recognize and respond to dangerous situations that may involve a rescue. This includes monitoring the number of people in the space, who they are, and when they entered or exited the space.

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Hole Watcher – A Job More Complex and Vital Than Its Name Suggests

A properly trained hole watch understands all the applicable OSHA regulations and recommendations. The confined space attendant should also:

  • Understand the existing and potential hazards of the space entry.
  • Know the proper procedures for expediting help when needed.
  • Monitor and control access to the space.
  • Maintain proper records of activity in the space.


Failure to fully understand the hazards or duties by a hole watch can have fatal consequences, which is why you can’t leave this job to an under-trained or unprepared person.

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Full-Time or Contract Employees

Working with a third-party safety partner like SITEX allows you to guarantee your worksites are the safest possible while meeting all regulatory standards and sparing you the expense of hiring or contracting additional employees.

SITEX eliminates the need for EHS recruiting and hiring while reducing your risk liability. We invest heavily in training and advanced solutions so that you don’t have to. Simplify your life and let SITEX staff your safety needs so your teams can focus on the critical work that matters most to the bottom line.

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