Ensure your facilities are compliant and proactive about industrial hygiene challenges.

A lot goes into effective industrial hygiene, from assessments and monitoring to designing and implementing worksite solutions. Understanding the full range of industrial hygiene services available and partnering with an experienced provider can ensure you stay compliant, mitigate risk, and increase workplace productivity.

Industrial hygiene services cover a long list of items. By revealing gaps in protocol and addressing environmental factors to reduce or eliminate long-term risks of exposure, companies can ensure they:

  • Achieve and exceed OSHA and EPA regulatory requirements
  • Enhance air quality to reduce or eliminate long-term risks of exposure
  • Proactively identify and remove hazardous materials or toxins
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing of workers
  • Reduce turnover rate and healthcare expenses


The Exact Industrial Hygiene Services You Need, Expertly Delivered

With such a range of considerations that fall under industrial hygiene, it can be almost impossible to find a single person to effectively carry out this role across your company. That’s why a total safety partner like SITEX, with its vast resources of available experts and professionals led by certified industrial hygienists (CIHs), can customize an approach to your specific facility that effectively delivers industrial hygiene services such as:

  • Process safety management audits
  • Laboratory services and on-site analysis
  • Industrial hygiene management plans
  • SDS development, review, and management
  • Much more


To get the most from industrial hygiene at your worksites, make sure your safety partner can guarantee the knowledge to get the job done, the experience to understand your needs, and the flexibility to adapt their expertise to your unique challenges.

Industrial Hygiene Benefits Employees and the Company

Well executed industrial hygiene plans improve the overall health of workers and can increase life expectancy, which can have a direct effect on healthcare costs. Many of the injuries that can be avoided with good industrial hygiene have a high potential for resulting in either short- or long-term disability. In addition to direct cost savings, reducing the number of injuries at your workplace can help lower insurance premiums for both the company and employees.

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