Industrial Hygiene and Safety
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What Are the Benefits of Industrial Hygiene and Safety?

Workplace-related illnesses lead to slowdowns and potential litigation for any business. They are difficult to deal with for employees and frustrating for everyone because they are usually preventable. 

The varieties of health risks that employees face on work sites are difficult to plan for and even harder to deal with once a potential risk becomes a serious problem. With the right team at your side, you can evaluate your environment and meet the health standards needed to protect your workers. SITEX’s industrial hygiene services help employers start projects on the right foot and avoid dangerous environments and situations.


Fewer Hits to Healthcare When Employees are Healthy

Proper industrial hygiene and safety services don’t just benefit employees, but the industry as well. The job of an industrial hygienist is to identify risks in the workplace and find ways to remove or remediate them. Experienced professionals also know how to deal with emergency situations as they have likely run into them before. 

For example, a worksite that has sudden employee exposure to toxic gasses or an unsafe condition must remediate the situation quickly. Working with an experienced team, those sites could be proactively identified and handled before work even begins. Exposure to unsafe substances can lead to employees getting sick or even hospitalized, which will directly affect the business. 

Sick employees will naturally increase healthcare costs. Likewise, their absence on the worksite will require employers to find and train replacements. These kinds of hits to the bottom line slow down productivity and hurt the overall morale of the team. This is a frustrating situation to deal with because teams like the ones at SITEX can find problem areas on a worksite before they negatively impact your employees or business.


Turnover and Replacement Costs Go Down

Speaking of replacing employees, absenteeism and turnover are difficult challenges to solve for many employers dealing with unsafe environments. Absenteeism has to do with an employee not showing up to work or leaving early to avoid work. While many reasons for absenteeism are not employer-related, unsafe working conditions are. 

For instance, if an employee gets sick during a job and develops chronic healthcare issues, there is little the employee can do when it comes to working in a productive manner. Even if the employee is not sick but is aware of industrial hygiene issues in the workplace, their ability to stay on-site may start to deteriorate. 

Even worse, employees who deal with serious health issues or injuries may need to leave the site altogether. This results in turnovers that employers must remediate with new hires, onboarding, and training. Even temporary hires require up-front expenses that an employer may not be expecting. That also doesn’t take into account the possibility of the position needing specific certification which will obviously lead to higher costs. 

Working with a provider that uses proven industrial hygiene and safety practices can help reduce workplace-related illnesses and therefore turnover and onboarding costs.


Productivity Stays High

A direct effect of keeping workers safe and able to work is seeing productivity increase and stay at a healthy level. The conditions of a job site directly impact how workers do their job as hazards and dangerous materials will slow down work if not pause it altogether. 

Unclean and unsafe environments put workers at risk and act as distractions in the form of stress and anxiety. No worker wants to think about what harm would come from an unsafe condition that is on their worksite when they have important work to do. Proper industrial hygiene measures can not only eliminate these issues but put in place a plan to deal with any emergencies as well. 

SITEX’s main goal is to keep your employees safe and healthy through the use of proper industrial hygiene and safety services. Instead of relying on inexperienced professionals or walking into a situation without a proper assessment, call us and see how we can help.

Contact us today and find out how industrial hygiene and safety services can help you keep workers safe and productivity high.

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