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Make Safety a Priority, Not an Obligation

Some jobs are inherently dangerous, placing a responsibility on employers to keep workers safe and meet government regulations to mitigate risks. This presents challenges for companies, including:

  • Liability for every worker
  • Safety regulation compliance
  • On-site teams for emergency assistance
  • Avoiding costly shutdowns
  • Fully qualified safety experts when you need them
  • Adequate employee safety training
  • Effective daily safety toolbox talks

SITEX was founded to help businesses overcome these challenges and save lives. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to go home after each shift.

Insufficient safety preparation is a danger in itself, so ensure your worksite has a complete safety solution. See how to protect your company and your employees with SITEX’s total safety management.

Case study

From One Shift to Complete EHS Services

What often starts with a specific need can lead to a long-term relationship defined by a culture of safety. See how a power plant improved its safety focus from reactive to proactive with one call to SITEX.

Facing an immediate need to cover an unscheduled outage, the plant called SITEX for help. Seeing the expertise and professional approach, the plant quickly recognized SITEX could provide additional safety solutions, including:

  • Environmental assessments and remediation
  • Hazardous material response teams
  • Confined space rescue teams
  • Safety supervisors
  • Safety programs

When You Hire SITEX, You Get All of Us

SITEX was formed with one mission: to save lives. So every member of our teams has the knowledge and support of the highest levels of CSPs and CIHs at all times.

Contact us today for custom solutions to your safety needs.

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