Reduce worksite risk and boost productivity for turnarounds.

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Reduce worksite risk and boost productivity for turnarounds.

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Never second guess Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

Every project has regulations to meet and safety measures to uphold. Instead of dealing with uncertain schedules and guesswork, partner with an experienced leader with deep industry expertise. Our team works alongside customers to ensure compliance, reduce liability, and establish a culture of safety for all workers.

Whether customers need safety, environmental, industrial hygiene, or rescue services, SITEX has experts on-site to help. For a more in-depth view of SITEX’s full offerings, download this solution sheet and see how SITEX can address your challenges today.

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Address every Environmental Health & Safety need

When customers work with SITEX, they gain access to a one-stop-shop for their EHS requirements. SITEX’s certified experts work with customers to address their unique environmental and safety challenges. 

SITEX helps customers address challenges like how to:

  • Comply with regulations
  • Reduce liability, fines, and fees
  • Keep qualified experts on-site
  • Provide EHS training
  • Reduce overhead costs for short-term jobs
  • Address emergency needs effectively


Want to see our experts in action? Download this case study and see how we addressed an independent power plant’s complex EHS needs.

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Work Alongside Industry Experts

SITEX’s reason for being is to save people’s lives. Since 1987, SITEX has taken great pride in bringing professionalism to the environmental and safety industries. With a team of highly trained experts, SITEX has continuously invested in new technologies and offered expanded services to meet the ever-changing challenges facing our clients. With a “can do” attitude and company culture, SITEX has earned a reputation for doing things right and in the best interest of our customers and those who work for them.

Contact SITEX today to discuss your specific needs or to get a free quote.