SITEX Environmental

Whether you require an inspection for an institution such as a healthcare facility or school, planning for an outage at a power plant, training of your staff, or remediation for an oil field site, SITEX offers reliable and experienced professionals for a variety of environmental services. The commitment of our highly trained team members ensures compliance while providing the guidance needed to navigate any environmental circumstances you may encounter.

Industrial Hygiene Expertise

As professional Industrial Hygienists, SITEX emphasizes technical proficiency mixed with the art of observation. We pay strict attention to our clients’ work processes and notice when protocol is not being followed or when an individual is putting himself at risk. This way, our reports provide details that are far more useful to management. For example, rather than just advising a client to train their people on the hazards of a contaminant and conduct additional testing, we can recommend that particular workers be specifically trained on how to best use a Local Exhaust Ventilation system, or advise that the client use a different type of respirator. This is only possible when the field Industrial Hygienist is experienced enough to notice things such as workers leaving gates open at unused LEV inlets, or experienced enough with respirators to notice and understand why user seal checks are not being performed. When SITEX personnel are in the field, we are constantly striving to add this type of value to the service we provide our clients.


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