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It’s the quality of our people that delivers value to SITEX clients, and our team takes pride in the work they do every day. We invest in our employees so they can continue to grow professionally and better serve our customers.

Whether you’re an experienced professional who has worked on turnarounds and outages, or even someone looking to start a career in safety, if you’re interested in joining a team dedicated to reducing risk and creating a culture of safety on every site, we want to hear from you. Fill out the form below and our hiring team will review it.

Common positions we regularly hire for include:

Site Safety Supervisor

Oversees the training of craftsmen at the site and supports clients in their safety compliance.

Conducts hazard assignments, and implements corrective action programs and PPE assignments.

Calibrates air monitoring equipment and maintains safety equipment inspections and documentation. 

Manages communication and tracking on the job site, such as audits, daily and weekly activity reports, and incident/accident statistics. 

This position requires a willingness to travel.

Safety Attendant (Hole Watch/Fire Watch)

Monitors and protects all workers entering confined spaces or near “hot work.”

Initiates JSA’s, obtains and enforces all required safe-work permits.

Ensures proper safety equipment for the job is in place and ensures all workers have proper PPE.

Knows who to contact in case of emergency.

Fulfills all completion documentation per procedures.

Rescue Technician (RT-I & RT-II)

Primary responsibilities will vary due to experience, education, project requirements, and duration. In general:

Provides standby rescue services for client projects, including confined space rescue and high-angle technical rope rescue.

Assists the lead rescue technician (LRT) with evaluating risks and establishing a rescue plan.

Sets up complex extrication systems, communicates safety concerns, and works closely with plant and contractor personnel.

Performs confined space and rescue training in-house and for clients.

Completes hazard assessments and rescue pre-plans; inspects rescue equipment and documentation.

Responsible for inventory control, performing job site audits and reports, PPE designation, and assignments.

Industrial Hygiene Project Manager

Demonstrates superior leadership qualities fosters team cohesion and mentors team members. 

Supervises, plans, and coordinates all projects, regardless of size. 

Determines project personnel needs, equipment needs, budgets, and timelines and for ensuring their adherence.

May be required to perform environmental consulting in the field, as necessary.

Maximizes efficiency and productivity on all projects. 

Proactively spreads the SITEX core ideologies and develops the staff through on-the-job coaching and through the support of personal development plans.

Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills to maintain documentation of project progress.

Industrial Hygiene Field Technician

Performs services as required and directed by the Project Manager. 

Represents SITEX at job sites and at project meetings as needed. 

Performs industrial hygiene and safety activities, including on-site exposure monitoring (asbestos, lead, metals, etc.), project oversight, ACM sample analysis, project data entry, regulatory compliance, client and project progress meetings, visual inspections, facility inspections, and assessments. 

Maintains documentation for project progress to ensure the preparation of accurate, complete, and value-added work.

Requirements will vary so the technician must understand his/her role for each project.

Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

Provides consulting services, primarily related to industrial hygiene specialty areas.

Conducts extensive research, data collection and evaluation and analysis to make recommendations to control customers’ source of occupational health risk, loss and/or costs.

Evaluates health and safety compliance programs within a variety of customer workplaces.

Provides technical expertise and assistance for projects involving asbestos, lead, mold, indoor air quality, and other occupational health topics.

Staff Scientist

Performs field and administrative services as directed by the Project Manager, including, but not limited to: Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs); Phase II soil investigations; on-site exposure monitoring (asbestos, lead, metals, etc.); on-site project oversight; on-site ACM sample analysis; project data entry; regulatory compliance.

Conducts client and project progress meetings, visual inspections, facility inspections and assessments. 

Must exhibit proficient written and verbal communication skills to maintain documentation of project progress and interact with SITEX personnel, facility owners/staff, and contractors.

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