A New Model for Safety Consulting that Delivers Long-Term ROI

safety personnel
*The original version of this article appeared in the October 2023 issue of Professional Safety. Though safety consulting, safety staffing and safety management outsourcing are standard practices, Total Safety Management evolves safety consulting ...
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Confined Space Safety: How to Avoid Fines, Avoid Accidents, and Avoid Deaths

two confined rescue workers on the job site working
How to Avoid Fines Know how to recognize a confined space The first step to avoiding fines for violations of the Confined Space standard (29 CFR 1910.146) is knowing how to identify confined spaces. The OSHA definition of a confined space is one th...
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Do I Need an Industrial Noise Map to Meet OSHA Noise Monitoring Standards?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that more than 20 million workers are exposed annually to potentially damaging noise levels at work. Further research tells us that workplaces with effective hearing conservation programs have lower inc...
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Meeting the Hexavalent Chromium OSHA Standard: How Do I Test for Compliance?

Mig welding in shop with welding helmet and jacket.
As a known carcinogen, regulators have taken measures to reduce workplace exposure to hexavalent chromium, a chemical produced by a number of industrial processes. This article will answer several key questions about safety and compliance for the Hex...
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Meeting the OSHA Silica Standard: How Do I Test for Compliance?

Industrial Hygiene and Safety
Quick, can you explain OSHA’s field inspection and enforcement procedures for respirable crystalline silica? We wouldn’t blame you if you can’t; the official inspection guidance from the agency is over 120 pages long! That said, OSHA does ha...
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SITEX and Envirotest Join Forces to Enhance Both Companies

NEWS RELEASE For immediate release July 25, 2023 Contact: Pete Dugan, CEO (618) 781-8025 SITEX and Envirotest Join Forces to Enhance Both Companies Striving to enhance its capabilities along th...
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Advanced Noise Monitoring Technology Demonstrates How to Save Time and Money

man looking out
Remote Noise Monitoring Case Study: A Quick View Problem: A global consumer electronics manufacturer building a new plant in Texas wanted to maintain 24-hour noise monitoring of the site but found it cumbersome to dedicate resources to chec...
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Why 911 Shouldn’t Be Your Confined Space Rescue Plan

Many companies rely on 911 and local emergency responders as their confined space rescue plan. Unfortunately, it’s a bad plan. OSHA does make it possible to utilize local emergency crews as a compliant confined space rescue plan, but it’s wort...
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How Does a Third-Party Rescue Team Limit Your Confined Space Liability?

More than 130 workers die each year in confined space incidents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics1. Interestingly, almost two-thirds of fatalities are would-be rescuers, indicating the prevalence of improperly or untrained rescue crews. ...
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Does My Workplace Need Air Quality Inspection?

From keeping workplaces compliant to keeping workers healthy and on the job, plenty of reasons support regular air quality inspection.  We all like to breathe easily. And there’s a reason people go outside to get “fresh air.” Studies conducte...
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