Safety Equipment Is Necessary But Costly

The right equipment can make all the difference between a safe worksite and a dangerous one. However, high-end equipment is not only expensive to purchase, but costly and time-consuming to keep maintained. These kinds of equipment are ones you’ll use once for a specific purpose and then they end up in storage for weeks or months. During that time, maintenance is required so that the equipment works properly when you need it.


That’s why more companies are looking at safety equipment rentals as an alternative for their needs. Rentals offer peace of mind when it comes to getting the latest equipment on-site when it’s needed. Plus, renting equipment from a trusted partner like SITEX means you’re getting meticulously maintained and repaired solutions, reducing worries about spare parts or repair technicians. 


Justifying the cost of safety equipment purchases can be challenging as well. Businesses experience seasonal peak periods, such as outages and turnarounds, that will call for heavy equipment use. But what about when those peak times pass? The equipment will be stored away and go unused for periods of time, making the investment in them difficult to rationalize. Especially when you consider that those investments could be going into personnel, training, and additional safety staff needs to keep employees safe today.


It’s also important to consider how often solutions are iterated and improved. Just like consumer products, monitors and meters are always being improved with new features that may prove too good to not have on-site for employees. It can be challenging to know when to buy new equipment or how to know if your current equipment is good enough for the job that needs to be done. 


Going with a trusted partner for your safety equipment rental needs can help clear those kinds of questions up. With rentals, your business can gain access to the latest solutions available for a fraction of the purchasing cost. This will help keep employees properly equipped for their work while reducing the need to maintain or repair purchased equipment. After all, there should be no second guessing when it comes to the safety of your employees.


Popular equipment SITEX rents includes:

  • Air and Gas Monitors:

    • Honeywell BW™ Max XT ll

    • BW Microclip Personal Monitor

  • Tripod + Winch Systems

  • Air Systems

  • Testing Equipment

  • Respirators

  • Ventilation

  • Fall Protection Equipment

  • Noise Protection

  • Water and Air Quality Testing

  • And more….


Address Specific Safety Equipment Challenges

Remove the guesswork when it comes to equipping your team with the latest safety equipment by opting to rent equipment as needed.

High Cost of Ownership

Safety equipment purchases can be hard to justify due to increasing costs.

Required Maintenance

Equipment needs to be maintained so it works properly, and that takes time.

Keeping Up With Technology

Don’t miss out on the latest technology because of poor purchasing decisions ever again.

The Equipment and Services You Need

Every job site has its own unique requirements when it comes to safety. Failing to meet those requirements can do more than cost companies time and money, it can also lead to injuries or fatalities. In this competitive industry, losing employees due to unequipped teams is unacceptable.


SITEX doesn’t just invest in the latest technology to rent to businesses. We also hire and train certified personnel so that our clients don’t have to. Clients that work with SITEX gain access to our entire team and the latest expertise around safety, rescue, hazmat, and environmental challenges.


See the full offering of services from SITEX including:

  • Safety and rescue services that make sure every employee is able to safely go home

  • Environmental and Industrial Hygiene services to navigate any circumstances

  • Regulation expertise to help reduce risk and liability around shifting regulations

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How Safety Equipment Rentals Help

No Time-Consuming Maintenance—Use well-maintained equipment to stay safe and compliant without worrying about timely maintenance for rarely-used solutions.


Lower Total Costs—Renting equipment when you need it offers a way to save money that can be reinvested in personnel. 


Hassle-Free Deliveries and Returns—If you need equipment, you need it now. We’ll get it to you quickly and we make returns straightforward.


Maintain Competitiveness—Keeping up with competitors who have their own equipment can be difficult, but equipment rentals level the playing field.


The SITEX Difference

Employee safety is always a top priority and choosing the right safety equipment service is critical to keeping workers safe. The experience and level of training that SITEX brings to the table creates a culture of safety at every job site we work on. SITEX has deep industry experience ensuring safety compliance, reducing risk, and protecting workers with certified experts, proven solutions, training, and equipment for any industry.


SITEX is proud to offer our customers:

  • Trained and certified experts who bring deep understandings of safety best practices

  • Access to SITEX’s company-wide experience around EH&S services

  • A deep investment in personnel and technology so that our customers can save their own time and money 


Case Study: How We Create A Culture of Safety

Looking for results of our work? Look no further than this Independent Power Plant that had an emergency need. When the call for a safety technician came in to SITEX at 2pm, the request was filled by 7pm. The contractor was used to working with different safety companies who didn’t have a team of trained safety professionals available like SITEX, and the customer quickly noticed the difference. 

As the plant grew and new challenges popped up, the customer turned to SITEX for environmental assessments, remediation, a hazardous material response team, and a confined space rescue team. SITEX rose to the occasion and expertly addressed the customer’s needs on-time and on-budget.

By partnering with SITEX, our customers are able to:

  • Quickly address an emergency outage with a certified expert who prioritized safety

  • Mitigate risk and liability by making sure regulations were followed

  • Use SITEX’s in-depth knowledge to address a variety of EH&S needs

  • Create a new on-site culture of safety that prioritizes employees

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