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Why Outsourcing Safety Can Improve On-Site Productivity

Outsourcing safety is an excellent way for companies to focus on their core business while entrusting experts to focus on their employees’ safety. With companies already outsourcing things like human resources, IT, marketing and call centers, it’s not surprising that safety is another function that can be successfully outsourced. 

That’s because enforcement of environmental and safety services and complying with shifting regulations is a challenging and time-consuming task. Working with an expert in the EH&S field such as SITEX can provide businesses with several advantages from cost savings to efficiency boosts and even ways to address current labor gaps

Focus on core competencies while keeping workers safe

Outsourcing safety is one way businesses can take safety measures off their plate to better focus on the work they were hired to do. For example, if a contractor was hired to demolish a building, there are numerous regulations and safety measures they need to follow. Getting the right people with the right experience in that situation can be difficult, not to mention costly. But, with a partner that is well-versed in safety services, that task is removed from their list altogether. 

Having an in-house EH&S department has its advantages, but that also requires a heavy overhead that companies may not have in the current market. With outsourced safety services, the planning, production, and execution of EH&S needs are taken care of, and companies stay compliant with the regulations they must adhere to. Most importantly, companies will be better able to focus on the work that they specialize in while letting their EH&S partner focus on the work they know best.

SITEX works with customers to reduce risk and liability by creating a culture of safety on every job site we work on. We do that by ensuring that all regulations are met and that employees comply with safety best practices when on the job.

Decrease costs, increase productivity & flexibility

As mentioned before, staffing an entire EH&S department can come at a high cost. Remember, it’s not just the people that need to be hired but also the training, equipment, and additional compensation that must be included in the budget for that department. If the cost of an EH&S department outweighs the value, it can bring to a company, and it needs to be asked if the department is of value in the first place. That’s especially true when you consider that companies like SITEX exist with in-depth EH&S services that cover a wide range of unique needs. 

Companies also need to think about how they’ll scale their EH&S department and how to manage any inefficiencies that come with growth and education. Given the competitive nature of our industry, keeping an eye on overhead is always critical. Hiring safety experts and making sure they are up to code and able to travel to job sites regularly can be challenging. But having an at-the-ready team of safety specialists that can come to you when you need them is a much more manageable approach. 

Similarly, outsourcing safety services give businesses the flexibility they need to address issues as they come up. That includes emergency situations that lead to the need for rescue services that in-house employees may not be properly equipped to deal with. 

Dealing with the labor shortage or a lack of expertise

The current labor shortage is affecting many companies and their ability to remain competitive. It can be hard enough to hire employees that cover your core competencies, but trying to hire EH&S specialists on top of that can be downright impossible. 

Even if a company can properly staff their team and faces no issues due to the labor shortage, they may not have the right people for the job on-staff. That could be anything from lacking a safety expert with the right qualifications on-site to having the right person in-house but not being able to get them to the site for various reasons. Not to mention that many safety administrators are also managers and may have trouble staying current on the latest trends in safety practices. 

Lacking that expertise on a job site can increase risk for workers and liability for companies. However, a partner like SITEX takes on that risk liability when our safety experts come onto a job. We invest heavily in training and advanced solutions so that our customers don’t have to. That way, they can focus on the work that matters most to their bottom line. 
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