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Overcoming the Deficiencies of Outsourced Safety Staffing

There are safety staffing companies, and then there’s SITEX.

Your needs for temporary and contract safety roles are typically driven by one or a combination of factors related to:

→ Seasonality or project-based work → Skills gaps in local talent pools
→ Labor shortages → Insufficient budget
→ On-site knowledge gaps → Poor audit performance


Whether you lack the necessity or budget to maintain full-time employees or can’t find the personnel qualified for your particular regulatory environment, you face an ongoing dilemma to fill roles that are critical to meet compliance requirements and your own standards for protecting employees.

The traditional response to filling safety roles

A common reflex to gaps in safety personnel is to outsource the roles through a standard safety staffing company. There are valid reasons to utilize the staffing model; it can offer:

→ Cost-effectiveness → Specialization for specific roles
→ Quick compliance → Flexibility

A quick staffing option might cover your immediate requirements, but you’re ultimately left with an ongoing problem of filling these needed roles effectively. Because the truth is …

Traditional safety staffing plugs a hole, it doesn’t build you a new pipeline

Traditional staffing can fill a need, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem, which is that you need expert safety personnel in the right place, at the right time, at all times.

Relying on general safety staffing prolongs a cycle of churn that consistently stresses your hiring function. You get stuck in a never-ending state of plugging holes instead of building a reliable pipeline.

Furthermore, as you constantly fill these holes, you should start to recognize the shortcomings of the temporary measures. Traditional staffing fails to solve that core need for quality safety personnel because it inherently faces challenges like:

Quality Concerns

High volume staffing agencies often recruit and cycle warm bodies, which may not deliver the level of expertise or support you expect and lead to compliance issues.


Staffing agencies often provide temporary or contract workers who approach their roles as transitory and will subsequently or unexpectedly leave for anything better.

Lack of institutional knowledge

Safety staffing companies may lack intimate knowledge of your specific operations, culture, and challenges, limiting their ability to tailor services.

Mismatched skillsets or culture

Traditional staffing companies may not always have access to the precise mix of skills and experience for specialized EHS roles. There’s also risk that externally sourced candidates not fully integrate with your existing culture, affecting teamwork and collaboration.

Complex regulatory frameworks

There’s risk that candidates from traditional staffing companies might not possess up-to-date knowledge or specific industry experience required to ensure compliance, potentially putting your business at risk of violations and penalties.

Long-term lack of ROI

While using a staffing company can reduce certain costs upfront, it may lead to higher long-term costs related to service fees, increased training requirements, and potential inefficiencies.

SITEX overcomes the gaps in traditional staffing services

We can do what they do … but they can’t do what we do. Here’s how SITEX overcomes the gaps in conventional safety staffing:

Consistency that builds institutional knowledge

We’re not a revolving door of available workers. Our lack of turnover builds institutional knowledge of our clients and the subject matter. You’re receiving more than a warm body from SITEX.

Expertise and experience beyond contract labor

SITEX team members are experts in the field, not simply hired labor who are offered a quick training class. We know it’s our name on the line also – so we wouldn’t expect you to work with anyone we wouldn’t.

Collaborative problem solving

We don’t just send you anyone. We’ll listen to understand exactly what you need, then provide resumes of applicable candidates. Together, we’ll get you the right people in the right places.

Resources and critical support throughout the job

All SITEX team members have a certified expert they can refer back to who is overseeing their efforts. Our obligations don’t end when the employee reaches your worksite.

We’re here for the next job. And the one after that.

Companies can deplete their available talent pool by refusing to acclimate new workers and sticking with only older experienced ones. We develop and maintain a library of knowledge about your company so any new hires from SITEX start with the advantage of familiarity.

SITEX can resolve your safety personnel needs, but we’re not traditional safety staffing. We’re a partner that provides the best benefits of outsourcing while filling the gaps in conventional staffing execution.

Break the cycle of plugging holes with traditional staffing, and build a talent pipeline with SITEX.

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