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How To Find Safety Staffing Services For Your Needs

The shifting regulations companies are dealing with while still needing to comply with OSHA, MSHA, state and federal regulations around safety are challenging to say the least. Failing to comply with any of these regulations creates a more dangerous working environment. It also opens businesses up to fines, fees, and litigation. 

To avoid those fines, fees, and injuries, companies must find a way to reduce liability and risk on the job site. While hiring full-time safety professionals is possible, it can be expensive and time-consuming to interview and hire the right people. Instead of shouldering the burden and risk, companies can invest in safety staffing services from reputable companies like SITEX. The challenge there is finding a company that offers certified safety experts instead of a staffing company that may have some safety experience.

Look For Safety Specialists

Finding the right safety staff for your job starts with finding certified safety professionals. Numerous staffing companies exist, and some can provide employees that may fit your needs. However, when the safety of your employees is part of the equation, focusing on safety staffing services is the best place to begin.

That’s because working with a general staffing agency may lead to safety consultants, safety coordinators, or safety technicians who do not meet the qualifications needed to keep a site in check. After all, an inexperienced safety team does more harm than good. Not only is the company put in a risky situation with an amateur safety team, but employees are also in more dangerous circumstances. 

Looking for companies that focus primarily on safety staffing is your best bet. Safety staffing services from companies like SITEX can help address specific requirements or fill gaps during the ongoing labor shortage. They can also reduce risk on job sites and protect the workers with specialized personnel who know the industry. With SITEX, companies gain access to our in-depth knowledge, enabling them better to understand the safety requirements of their unique space.

Research Their Hiring Processes

Another critical point to focus on is the hiring process the staffing agency you go with uses. Inexperienced professionals in low-level safety observer roles may come with lower hourly rates, but is that savings worth the increased risk to your employees? Whether you’re looking for entry-level or credentialed safety professionals, knowing they are trusted and experienced to the best degree is critical to keeping your employees safe and your business operational.

When looking into safety staffing services, reach out and ask about their hiring and interview processes. For example, many of SITEX’s safety professionals have worked here for years in comparison to competitors who experience high turnover rates as safety personnel jump from opportunity to opportunity. 

The right safety staffing service should have in-depth recruiting practices that involve personnel screenings, drug tests, and certification checks. These processes can be glossed over to save time and money, often resulting in unsafe conditions and inexperienced safety professionals. Instead, look for a company like SITEX that invests in  safety personnel and ongoing training to ensure our experts know the industries they work in and are continually updated on best practices.

Make Sure They Have Proven Results

Of course, the best way to know if a safety staffing service is right for you is if they have the results to prove it. The quality of a company’s safety professionals is the most critical element in any relationship and proving that their team provides positive results goes a long way. 

Whether a single safety technician or a specialized confined space rescue team is needed, the company you are looking for should provide the proper personnel. For example, the SITEX team has offered different types of safety services for unique needs. That could be an unplanned outage that led to an emergency safety need or a massive demolition that required numerous safety needs. 
Hiring full-time safety professionals can be time-consuming and expensive. Safety staffing services give companies another option to hire certified experts with proven results. When companies come to SITEX for their safety staffing needs, they gain access to a wide range of EH&S expertise that goes beyond a single professional. Contact us today to discuss any safety staffing requirements your business may require.

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