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Lacking Safety Professionals? Try an On-Site Safety Company

Safety is always the top priority of any job. No matter the size or the number of people working, everyone deserves the ability to go home when their shift is over. Unfortunately, not every company has on-site safety experts at their disposal. 

Lacking that kind of knowledge and expertise will create issues down the road. Those issues could include compliance violations, increased risks for employees, and injuries. Companies have enough to worry about without also having to figure out the shifting regulations our industry is facing. That’s why working with an on-site safety company can be a major boost to productivity while mitigating risk at the same time.

How a Safety Team Boosts Productivity

It may seem odd to think that an on-site safety team can help boost productivity but it’s true. That’s because working with a dedicated safety team or outsourcing safety helps companies focus on their core business while letting experts focus on their employees’ safety. Think about it this way, if a turnaround needs to take place then it must be done with the right safety measures and mandates in mind. It’s now up to the company to address those mandates and understand how to comply with them and any other regulations that come up. 

That amount of knowledge takes time to collect and finding experts to hire can be time-consuming and costly. Some companies hire a barebones crew to act as their safety team but what happens when a team like that doesn’t perform well? 

Most of the time, inexperienced safety teams result in riskier worksites, increased injuries, and costly litigation as well. These are all events that cause harm to workers and businesses. From the company standpoint, they lose an employee for a set amount of time and have to potentially slow down or altogether halt their work. These slowdowns cut into productivity and hurt the bottom line. While it might be tempting to hire an inexpensive team of inexperienced safety professionals, it’s not always the best course of action. Most companies that do this do it to save money, but let’s look at how an on-site safety company, with proven safety services, can actually decrease costs.

On-site Safety Companies Can Decrease Costs

With the mandates and regulations that come with any job, it’s likely that experienced safety professionals will need to be on-site when this work is taking place. That requires the company working on the turnaround to either have in-house safety professionals or hire an on-site safety company.

Having an in-house safety team has its advantages, but it also requires an upfront investment and ongoing costs for those employees. Hiring an on-site safety company will provide the same benefits of in-house safety experts without the ongoing costs required to keep people on a payroll. Most importantly, when you work with a company like SITEX, you’ll be better able to focus on the work while letting us focus on safety.

As mentioned above, inexperienced teams can lead to costly mistakes and injuries. These costs add up in the long run and slow down the necessary work. Our safety professionals create a culture of safety on each jobsite to reduce risk and liability. We ensure that all regulations are met and that employees comply with safety best practices when on the job.

Find the Right On-Site Safety Company for You

At the end of the day, keeping employees safe should be the top priority. Yes the work needs to get done and yes it should be done as efficiently as possible. But part of that efficiency includes making sure that employees get to go home after a shift is over. 

Finding the right people for your job should start with finding experienced professionals with industry expertise. General staffing agencies don’t know the ins and outs of our industries and they likely don’t have the people needed to truly keep your employees safe. After all, safety is more than just being on-site, it’s creating a culture of safety as well.

Companies that focus primarily on safety staffing offer specialized personnel with proven results. Companies like SITEX can help address specific requirements or fill gaps whenever they come up. They can also reduce risk on job sites and protect the workers with specialized personnel who know the industry. With SITEX, companies gain access to our in-depth knowledge, enabling them better to understand the safety requirements of their unique space.

Contact us today to discuss your safety needs and find out how SITEX can help you mitigate risks and improve worker safety.

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