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Safety Personnel: Reduce Risk On Any Job

The top priority of any job site should be to keep employees safe. Making sure that workers have the opportunity to go home safe every day is a big responsibility, and it shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of people who may not have experience in that area. Having experienced safety personnel on your jobsite is the best way to ensure your team is safe and that risks are as reduced as possible.

What Safety Personnel Do On-Site

The duties of safety personnel vary from site to site. Depending on the unique needs of your work, there could be the need for specific, specialized personnel or more general team members. The type of work being done and the scale of that work also changes the number of people required on any given site. 

Most safety personnel act in an advisory capacity rather than operating anything on the job site. However, their role is critical due to OSHA, state, and federal requirements. Failing to meet any of these requirements will lead to fines, litigation, and other troubles for your business. 

While these roles and responsibilities vary, they can be defined as any combination of the following: 

  • Creating and executing a safety program
  • Establishing safety best practices on the site
  • Ensuring employees are following those best practices
  • Investigating accidents to reduce their likelihood
  • Arranging and initiating safety meetings 
  • Keeping records of safety protocols, accidents, and infractions

Note that these are just some of the responsibilities of safety personnel on a job site, as their experience and abilities may make them able to do more tasks beyond these.

Types of Safety Personnel

Safety requirements can range from a single Safety Supervisor to total safety management. Not all providers can provide the ladder, but SITEX is proud to offer a range of safety personnel services that meet exactly what you may need. Beyond the safety services like OSHA compliance audits, safety program development, fit testing, and other inspections, we offer a range of safety staffing services for our clients. 

Depending on what a client may need in terms of safety personnel, SITEX can offer roles including:

  • Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST)
  • Graduate Safety Practitioners (GSP)
  • Senior Safety Supervisor
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Safety Technician  

Roles including the CSP, CIH, CSHT, and GSP are on-staff to help assess risks at the start of a partnership. They’ll come by the site to evaluate hazards and risk control measures as a way to get a baseline for where the project safety levels are at. Their comprehensive knowledge of their industries provides our clients with peace of mind when it comes to the safety and well being of their employees. 

Senior Safety Supervisors and Safety Supervisors fill the next role of monitoring job sites after the initial evaluation has been completed. They’ll keep an eye on operations to make sure that safety and security protocols are being followed, enforcing regulations to keep everyone safe. Similarly, Safety Coordinators and Safety Technicians will work under the Safety Supervisor to make sure that those regulations are being followed in the best interest of everyone on-site. 

Together, these safety personnel create a strong safety environment across the worksite. At SITEX, our teams pride themselves on creating a culture of safety that keeps the team safe and production high. 

Finding The Right Safety Personnel Partner

As stated, it can be difficult to find a provider that offers all of the aforementioned roles, especially ones with deep industry experience. SITEX has a proven track record of providing certified safety personnel to every jobsite we work on. Whether the client needs a CSP to evaluate safety needs or a Safety Technician to fill in for an emergency gap, SITEX has you covered. 

Our safety personnel go through ongoing training and certification to make sure they offer our clients the best services possible when on the job. Plus, when clients work with SITEX, they gain access to our entire network of EH&S professionals

Contact us today to discuss your safety personnel needs and see how SITEX can help.

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