Avoid setbacks that lead to significant delays and satisfy performance requirements by running your next outage alongside a team of certified experts. 

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A Scheduled Outage Can Be a Successful Outage

There is no escaping the need for outages, whether scheduled or unscheduled. These mandatory parts of the industry are the ways plants can reduce downtime and boost efficiency across the board, if they’re done right. And to say that getting outages right is critical is an understatement. In fact, outages can end up costing one-third to one-half of maintenance budgets for some plants. So significant delays or unsatisfied performance requirements will only add to that used-up budget in the long run, costing plants resources they can’t afford to lose.

Every outage has its unique challenges based on location, size, staff, and several other factors. That means that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to every outage, but steps and practices can be implemented to make a challenging situation more streamlined. These are complicated processes that involve multiple schedules, teams, and the need to collaborate data across everyone involved. Without proper planning

When it comes to a forced power plant outage, there are often complicated schedules that involve multiple moving parts and numerous teams. These types of schedules can often be unsuccessful because there isn’t enough planning involved in the preparation leading up to the outage. That leads to inefficient execution of the plan and, ultimately, an increase in the time and budget it takes to complete the outage. 

When plants work with an experienced partner like SITEX, it’s a different story altogether. That’s because the outage begins all the way in the pre-outage briefing where teams come together to understand the common goal and key performance indicators are identified. Information is exchanged and normalized between groups to make it easily readable and accessible for everyone involved. And communication comes in at a regular pace to make sure the status of each task is up-to-date at all times. That way, when the outage is completed, a proper review can take place to better prepare for the next scheduled outage.

Every outage is different, but in the hundreds of outages that SITEX has worked on, it’s clear that advanced planning beats elaborate scheduling every time. Bringing all the team members together facilitates a more streamlined conversation that is key to not just meeting goals, but reducing risks as well. 

Bringing on an outage consultation team can help with having permits, zoning, and safety regulations ready to go when they’re needed. These services also work with the latest technology to keep information accessible at all times. And by checking our work against the key performance indicators (KPIs), there is a clear understanding of the work being done. 

SITEX scheduled outage services include:

Address Specific Confined Space Rescue Challenges

SITEX helps customers reduce risk and liability while keeping workers safe with in-depth expertise around scheduled outages.

Significant Delays
50% of outages experience significant delays.
Not Hitting the Bar
82% of turnarounds and outages do not satisfy performance requirements.
High Costs
Outages can take up ⅓ to ½ of most maintenance budgets, making them high-priority.

Helping a Power Plant Stay On-Track

An unplanned outage at an Independent Power Plant led to an emergency need for an overnight safety technician. The call came into SITEX at 2 pm and the outage was filled by 7 pm the same day. SITEX sent a certified safety expert to the site and the contractor quickly noticed the difference a SITEX team member made.

The professionalism and expertise that SITEX brought to the client led to a long-standing relationship where the customer turned to SITEX for any challenges that popped up as the plant grew. Read the full case study to learn how this single outage led to a long partnership between SITEX and the power plant. 

With SITEX, the power plant was able to:

  • Promptly fill an emergency outage with a certified expert who prioritized safety
  • Mitigate risk and liability by making sure regulations were followed
  • Gain access to SITEX’s company-wide experience around EH&S services
  • Create a new on-site culture of safety
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Never Second Guess Worker Safety

Workplace safety is changing—Increased OSHA inspections in and the addition of wearables and adaptable PPEs have made safety more important than ever.

OSHA compliance remains a priority—Executive orders for COVID-19 requirements on sites are enforced under OSHA regulations.
A backlog of 2020 work is waiting—2021 is seeing an increase of projects as 2020 saw temporary halts but that work still needs to be completed in a timely and safe way.

The SITEX Difference

Scheduled outages often involve complex schedules and interdisciplinary teams. The experience and level of training that SITEX brings to the table can mean the difference between a successful outage and a delayed one. SITEX has deep industry experience ensuring safety compliance, reducing risk, and protecting workers with certified experts, proven solutions, training, and equipment for any industry.

SITEX is proud to offer our customers:

  • Trained and certified experts who bring deep understandings of scheduled and unscheduled outages
  • Access to SITEX’s company-wide experience around EH&S services
  • A deep investment in personnel and technology so that our customers can save their own time and money 

Reduce Risk and Liability While Keeping Employees Safe

Every outage comes with unique EH&S requirements. Failing to meet those regulations can do more than cost companies time and money, it can also lead to injuries or fatalities. In this competitive industry, losing employees due to untrained or unequipped teams is unacceptable.

No matter how complex the outage may be, SITEX can help. We invest in certified personnel and advanced equipment so that our clients don’t have to. Clients that work with SITEX gain access to our entire team and the latest expertise around safety, rescue, hazmat, and environmental challenges.

See the full offering of services from SITEX including:

  • Safety and rescue services that make sure every employee is able to go home safe and sound
  • Environmental and Industrial Hygiene services to navigate any environmental circumstances and keep employees safe
  • Regulation expertise to help reduce risk and liability around state and federal regulations
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