Reduce Job Site Risk With Safety Staffing

Employee safety is the number one priority of every company, but there’s more that goes into keeping them safe than rules and regulations. Nowadays, companies must deal with shifting regulations while still needing to comply with OSHA, MSHA, state, and federal regulations around safety. Failing to comply with one or more of these numerous regulations will result in fines, damaged reputations, and potential injuries to employees. 


To avoid those fines, fees, and injuries companies must find a way to reduce liability and risk on the job site. That can be more challenging when current safety consultants, safety coordinators, or safety technicians do not meet the qualifications needed to keep a site in check. After all, an inexperienced safety team does more harm than good. Not only is the company put in a risky situation with an inexperienced safety team, but employees are also in more dangerous circumstances. 


Instead of shouldering the burden and risk, companies can work with an experienced team like SITEX for temporary and long-term safety staffing needs. Whether the need is a single safety technician or a specialized confined space rescue team, SITEX is prepared. Our network of safety professionals put worker safety at the forefront of everything they do to create a culture of safety on every job site. Plus, SITEX assumes risk and liability so that our clients don’t have to.


Safety staffing services from SITEX can help fill in gaps that companies may be experiencing during the ongoing labor shortage. They can also reduce risk on job sites and protect the workers with specialized personnel who know the industry. With SITEX, companies gain access to our in-depth knowledge as well, enabling them to better understand the safety requirements of their unique space. More often than not, companies have too many things to juggle to know what they don’t know. That’s why our teams know the regulations our customers must follow and how best to go about addressing them. 

SITEX invests highly in trained personnel so that our clients don’t have to. By choosing SITEX safety staffing services, customers gain team members with years of experience who prioritize creating a culture of safety on every worksite they enter. 

SITEX services include:

Address Specific Safety Staffing Challenges

SITEX helps customers reduce risk and liability while keeping workers safe with experienced safety staffing services.

Ensure Compliance 

No matter the regulation, SITEX will address them and keep workers safe.

Reduce Risk & Liability

Don’t suffer fines and fees or second guess safety. Transfer the risk to certified experts.

No Qualified Experts On-Site

SITEX will get a qualified safety expert on-site quickly.

Answering a Last-Minute Safety Staffing Need

An unplanned outage at an Independent Power Plant led to an emergency need for an overnight safety technician. The call came in to SITEX at 2pm and the outage was filled by 7pm the same day. SITEX sent a certified safety expert to the site and the contractor quickly noticed the difference a SITEX team member made.


The professionalism and expertise that SITEX brought to the client led to a long-standing relationship where the customer turned to SITEX for any challenges that popped up as the plant grew. Read the full case study to learn how this single outage led to a long partnership between SITEX and the power plant. 


With SITEX, the power plant was able to:

  • Promptly fill an emergency outage with a certified expert who prioritized safety

  • Mitigate risk and liability by making sure regulations were followed

  • Gain access to SITEX’s company-wide experience around EH&S services

  • Create a new on-site culture of safety

Download the Case Study

Employee Safety is Always a Top Priority

Workplace safety is changing—Increased OSHA inspections in and the addition of wearables and adaptable PPEs have made safety more important than ever.

OSHA compliance remains a priority—Executive orders for COVID-19 requirements on sites are enforced under OSHA regulations.

A backlog of 2020 work is waiting—2021 is seeing an increase of projects as 2020 saw temporary halts but that work still needs to be completed in a timely and safe way.