SITEX Safety & Rescue professionals fill the gaps in your safety protocol with the expertise, equipment and training to ensure your facility compliance needs are met. We offer services ranging from oversight and planning to training and we provide the necessary equipment to handle all of your safety requirements.


Putting people first is our policy. That means understanding how to keep them safe, your facility or company compliant, and do it all without unnecessary expense. We will train your personnel, provide our own team of on-site safety experts, help complete all required compliance and inspections paperwork and of course, offer highly-trained rescue professionals who can immediately respond in the event of a major incident.


The safety and well-being of your workers and visitors is the number one priority at SITEX Safety & Rescue. We help you ensure a safe and healthy environment through proper preparation that includes training, inspections, safety plans and equipment. Our team provides a turnkey solution or works with other specialists to provide an appropriate action plan to address any safety issue.


Safeguarding against accidents and workplace incidents is the first priority of any facility. But when something does occur, it is critical that every detail related to safety preparation and documentation be considered and reviewed. SITEX Safety & Rescue’s professionals offer expert advice and certifications to support a legal proceeding, explaining the details or findings in a report or investigating or reconstructing an accident.

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