About the Company

A Midwest-based, privately owned company that manufactures, installs, and maintains vertical transportation.

The Challenge

The company found itself unexpectedly without a safety manager and needed to re-establish its safety program to satisfy compliance and meet its own safety standards.

The Resolution

After receiving a recommendation from one of its own clients who had already worked with SITEX, the company reached out for immediate help satisfying compliance requirements and meeting its absolutes.

The Implementation: From Filling a Need to Delivering Value

SITEX filled the immediate gap of safety management, ensuring that all compliance issues were resolved and conducting necessary training. However, as SITEX’s institutional knowledge increased, it recognized opportunities to deliver additional value to the company.

Pleased with results, the company was secure relying on SITEX to execute additional elements of its safety program and decided that, instead of backfilling its safety manager position, it would use SITEX to handle:

  • Reporting and OSHA logs
  • Process reviews
  • Policy planning
  • Incident investigations
  • Safety meetings
  • Safety training



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