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Conduct Seasonal Safety Inspections

Now that we’re officially into the fall season, it’s a great time to take stock of where things stand. 

The summer months are always a little hectic, no matter your industry. Between seasonal cycles of business and team members taking time for vacations and long weekends, it’s common for things to get a little loose. It’s important to keep everything balanced. You can’t afford to let safety snowball on you.

Use the changing seasons as an annual reminder to conduct safety inspections. It’s essential to ensure your operations are compliant. Routine inspections are the best way to incentivize your teams to stay on top of the tasks that maintain a safe workplace.

Every Industry Can Use Safety Inspections

Different industries have unique safety challenges, but every industry needs to take safety seriously. 

Some OSHA regulations apply to every industry. Some industries, like construction, transportation, and energy, have additional rules due to the hazardous nature of their work.

Consider the following areas in your seasonal safety inspection to establish a solid foundation for your ESH program.

For General Industry:

  • Are OSHA required notices posted where employees can see them?
  • Are you documenting and keeping records on your safety program?
  • Are First Aid kits accessible, stocked, and within expiration dates?
  • Are fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and fire suppression systems compliant?
  • Do workers have access to all PPE required for their jobs?
  • Is there an Industrial Hygiene plan in place?

For Housekeeping:

  • Are bathroom facilities clean and serviceable?
  • Are areas for food, beverage, and tobacco consumption designated?
  • Are all walkways, passages, and work areas clear of debris?
  • Are any necessary insect or pest control programs current and documented?
  • Are eyewash and safety shower stations in usable condition?
  • Is dust prevention or reduction effectively maintaining indoor air quality?

For Electrical Safety:

  • Are outlets overload protected?
  • Are electrical panels and breakers unobstructed?
  • Are high-voltage access areas secured and indicated by required signage?
  • Are all electrical cords in good condition?
  • Are electrical appliances in good working order?
  • Are fans and other rotating equipment guarded?
  • Are space heaters properly ventilated and located in safe locations?

Why Safety Inspections Matter

Any company with ten or more employees at any point in a calendar year must comply with the  OSHA guidelines for general industries and any relevant industry-specific guidelines.

That means that no matter what industry you are in, compliance is essential to avoid the possibility of fines. In 2022, the maximum OSHA fine, per violation, for posting requirements, other-than-serious violations, and serious violations is $14,502.00. Willful or repeated violations are subject to penalties up to $145,027 per violation.

While it’s crucial to avoid financial risks, there are other benefits that you should consider concerning your safety program.

Safe facilities, good housekeeping, and industrial hygiene contribute to employee comfort. Studies have shown that safe, healthy work environments increase productivity and performance. Beyond that, a safe work environment ensures that you’re prepared for emergencies and incidents and that your customers and clients will always see you at your professional best.

What If a Safety Inspection Identifies an Issue?

The possibility that a safety inspection will reveal an issue isn’t a good reason to avoid them. Finding risks before they cause problems is the whole point.

Most businesses find safety issues that they need to address during routine inspections. That’s especially true for organizations just starting an inspection program. Most safety issues can be resolved in-house, and as your safety program matures, the number and severity of the issues will decrease. 

When a routine inspection reveals an issue that is too big or complicated for you to handle on your own, SITEX is available. We will guide you through the steps that will lead you back to compliance. Our safety consultants and technicians work with clients in every industry imaginable to tackle challenges ranging from industrial hygiene to housekeeping.

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