SITEX Environmental Markets Served



When it comes to dealing with environmental issues for your facility, plant or building, you need a reliable partner you can count on. Our ability to manage risk, keep costs under control, maintain compliance and coordinate communications across a multitude of facility personnel makes SITEX an indispensable partner in handling a variety of environmental challenges. We invest in technology and team training so you don’t have to.


Let SITEX Environmental Services help you reduce risk and minimize downtime by anticipating and overcoming obstacles before they become obstacles. Our ability to assist with planning, combined with our advanced proprietary technology, helps streamline planned outages while ensuring compliance.

Environmental Management

SITEX Environmental offers solutions ranging from due diligence to remediation and asbestos project management. We help you prepare for what’s expected but are experts at handling the unforeseen circumstances when something does go wrong. Reducing financial risk and exposure by properly assessing and dealing with issues in a thorough and professional manner is what sets SITEX apart. We provide the personal level of service you demand as well as the resources needed to do the job right.

Industrial Hygiene

When it comes to protecting the safety of personnel and facilities, experience counts. The professionals at SITEX Environmental Solutions have dealt with numerous distinct situations and know what steps to take to prevent or address the hazards. From an on-staff CIH to proprietary technology designed for managing environmental issues, SITEX offers solutions to address the most unique of situations that may arise. No matter your environmental challenge, SITEX finds the solution.

Oil Fields/ Petrochemical

SITEX Environmental offers on-staff expertise to provide real-world solutions for your unique industry challenges. Our resident geologists, hydrogeologists and petroleum geologists understand the regulatory environment and compliance issues that will affect you now as well as in the future. From assessments to abatement, making SITEX part of your team saves dollars and makes sense.