Site Action Planning

Our trained personnel will spend the time necessary to understand and evaluate your site to identify areas that require specific preparation plans, training and the necessary standby equipment to be ready for any situation.

Safety Planning

The safety of personnel and the public is at the epicenter of every decision we make when constructing a safety plan for your facility or site. IDLH preparedness, storing and maintaining the proper equipment and training of staff on how to use it can make the difference between life and death as well as how quickly your facility will be back in operation in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Environmental Planning

Being prepared to handle hazardous materials, biological agents or chemicals with the proper industrial hygiene protocols not only maintains compliance but also provides the best possible outcomes should disaster strike. SITEX provides real-world expertise to uncover gaps in these protocols and pinpoint areas of risk.

Site training

Preparation is critical to properly dealing with an emergency, whether it be training for a confined space rescue, dealing with a hazardous release, or meeting government compliance for OSHA industry courses. SITEX provides an array of training classes and certifications to ensure the ongoing safety and well-being of your workers and facility.

Lab Analysis

With any emergency, understanding exactly what materials or hazards you are dealing with is essential. SITEX offers sample collection and complete lab analysis to aid in determining exactly what course of action is required next.

Safety and Industrial Hygiene Support

Dealing with emergencies present a number of immediate industrial hygiene challenges. It’s best to have a partner with the experience to know how to properly respond to and manage the implementation of a cleanup. SITEX has invested in expert personnel and unique technology to ensure protocols are met and workers are protected.

Testing Equipment

Since time is of the essence in any emergency situation, SITEX Emergency Services provides drop-shipped equipment to handle nearly any emergency situation. This could include lab-packing equipment to respond to chemical spills as well the equipment to analyze and identify the hazards.

Overall Site Management

A unique strength of SITEX Emergency Services is centered on our team’s experience in managing emergency sites. This consists of initial assessment (pre or post disaster), establishing a plan to deal with an emergency, and implementation of that plan including organization of both personnel and equipment.

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