Natural disasters

When Mother Nature strikes, it can be sudden and severe. Even the best preparations can at times leave you with more questions than answers about the next steps to take. SITEX Emergency Services is the first step toward getting those answers. Our Tier 1 response teams will be on the scene quickly, organize the necessary resources, and ensure the proper protocols are being followed.

Oil spills

When faced with an oil spill on land or in water, nothing matters like time. Getting the situation under control and the facility back on line quickly and safely directly impacts the surrounding community and your bottom line. That’s why SITEX Emergency Services offers a team of experienced professionals who can help organize, respond to the situation, and “direct traffic” with a well-organized plan that meets every regulation.

Chemicals and hazardous material spills

The SITEX Emergency Service team is trained to deal with a variety of chemical and hazardous material releases fast and efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with a liquid, solid, semi-solid or gas we provide the right equipment, planning and expertise to direct the containment, cleanup, disposal and remediation of the spill.

Biological and infectious agents

Dealing with the imminent public danger and fear that arises from an outbreak of a biological or infectious agent requires specialized knowledge and the skill set to localize, isolate and/or remove the threat. SITEX Emergency Services are prepared to deal with threats to people in schools, cruise ships, hospitals or even agricultural facilities requiring oversight of the removal of the diseased livestock.

Waste disposal

Disposing of waste from an emergency cleanup site requires the right equipment and a team ready and capable of removing and transporting the waste in a timely manner. Meeting deadlines for removal is critical to avoid costly fines but so too is doing it in a manner that meets or exceeds safety protocols. SITEX Emergency Services professionals achieve this unique balance to ensure compliance needs are not overlooked during the process.

Standby Emergency Response Teams

SITEX offers trained experts to provide standby emergency services for a variety of industries. The need to be proactive and ready for a potential emergency requires a team that will regularly visit your sites, develop plans of action, have access to a range of necessary equipment and supplies, and offer the peace of mind that whatever situation may arise, it will be handled promptly and in accordance with all health and safety requirements.

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