SITEX takes great pride in bringing professionalism to the industrial hygiene and safety industries. We believe that working with highly trained experts and continuously investing in new technologies helps our clients meet ever-changing challenges. With our “can do” attitude and company culture, we have earned a reputation for doing things right and in the best interest of our customers and those who work for them.


We invest in our employees so that they can continue to grow and better serve our customers. 


SITEX offers employees:

  • Industry competitive pay

  • Flexible hours

  • Continuous training and certification

  • Hands-on experience

  • The ability to learn from industry experts


SITEX is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.



Services We offer

We help customers keep their employees safe while mitigating risk and worksite hazards.


Our goal is to help clients ensure that each and every employee has the training and knowledge to do their job right and safely.


We are dedicated to ensuring compliance while providing guidance around any and all industrial hygiene challenges.


We don’t second guess safety and our emergency teams help clients plan and act safely during any situation.


Working At SITEX

SITEX values the safety of all people on a jobsite whether they are our employees, contractors, or host employer personnel. Our team takes pride in the work they do every day and we are focused on helping employees develop their skills and competencies over time. 

Whether you’re an experienced professional who has worked on turnarounds and outages or someone looking to start a career in safety, industrial hygiene, or emergency services, we want to hear from you.

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