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Friday, November 13, 2015

Kevin (Hoormann) – Promoted from VP Operations to President of the SITEX companies.

As most of you know, Kevin and Stuart Williams merged their companies (PSH & SITEX, respectively) in 1999. For sixteen years, Kevin has worked diligently and tirelessly in the best interests of SITEX, its clients and employees. Kevin has been painstakingly mentoring his direct reports for the last several years which is enabling him to accept this promotion with utmost confidence that the operation’s managers will be successful thus allowing him to focus on the bigger SITEX picture.

Although Stuart will maintain the title of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the SITEX companies, his efforts will now be on leading and growing the enterprise (all organizations he has ownership interest in) as well as looking for new opportunities to diversify the portfolio of companies.

Please congratulate Kevin on a well-deserved promotion!

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